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Editable Drawer and Tray Labels

Editable Tray or Drawer sized labels.
Each label measures approximately 4.5 by 18.8 cm.
Require microsoft word.
Tray Label Brown
Tray Label Green
Tray Label Grey
Tray Label Light Blue
Tray Label Orange
Tray Label Pink
Tray Label Purple
Tray Label Red
Tray Label White
Tray Label Dark Blue
Tray Lebel Yellow
Labels / Samples


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Premium Versions

£3 each*


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*Premium versions: The pdf materials are for use by you and your school and should be instantly availble on completion of payment. They may not be passed to a third party or stored online. A small watermark will appear at the top of the pages with your order reference. Email or use the contact form if you have any further questions, encounter any problems or view the pricing page for more details.