Grammar Posters

57 Grammar, Punctuation, Vocabulary and Spelling Terminology Posters:
This 57 poster set is based on the terminology used both in the 2012 Grammar, Punctuation and Vocabulary sample tests for Year 6 (released in December 2012), and the terminology used in the Primary Draft Curriculum for English (2012). Each poster has the terminology as a heading followed by a brief description and example. Colour coded for terminology type. Aimed at KS2.
Sample pack downloadable here

rapid grammar

49 Quick Grammar, Punctuation and Vocabulary activities for Upper Key Stage 2

Spelling Strategy Cards

Spelling Strategy Cards
Designed to help pupils independently learn spellings. A set of 24 cards with a variety of strategies in the form of games and activities.
Sample pack downloadable here

Set of 24 cards - £3.00*
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Spelling Journals
High Frequency Words, Year 1 to 6, and higher. Based on the New Primary Curriculum 2014.


Follow Me Cards
Includes 3 colour coded levels:

Set 1: Grammar and Punctuation (32 cards) - £5.00*

Set 2: Punctuation only (13 cards)

Invoice option as package only.

Set 1 - £5.00*
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Set 2 (Free!)

Question & Answers


Punctuation Bingo
Colour Coded by Difficulty

Easy, Medium and Hard Difficulty Sets
34 cards & Question Sheet per set

Punctuation Only (Free!)

Other Sets (See below)


Grammar and Punctuation Bingo
Full Sets - £5.00 each

Easy, Medium and Hard Bingo Sets (34 cards per set & question sheet)

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COPS Pyramid
(Conjunctions, Openers, Punctuation, Structure and Flow)
An updated version of the VCOP pyramid for the English Curriculum from 2014. Designed to support the Target Bookmarks and Assessment Sheets found in the Decimal System for Assessing Writing at

sentence building dice

Editable Sentence Building Dice
Blank dice available here in different colours. Requires Publisher.

KS1 and KS2 National Curriculum Tests for Grammar and Punctuation: Analysis Tools

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