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Share and Earn

Earn 50p for differentiated resources, and 15p for anything else!  

Terms and Conditions:

- The resources should contain no errors, copyrighted materials and be free from watermarks or any names of people, pupils or organisations.
- The resources will become property of Your name may appear to acknowledge your contribution (optional). For this reason, the resources must not be available elsewhere on the internet.
- For differentiated resources, separately submitted materials that are part of the same group (for example higher, middle and lower ability sheets) will count as one submission. Materials should be clearly differentiated to qualify for the 50p payment.

- At this stage, payments are made only through Paypal.
- Your payment will be completed within 7 days of submission, or from when it appears on the website.

- Primary Class reserves the right to reject any resource without providing reason.

Contact with any queries.

  • Your Details and Payment

  • Resource Details

  • Max file size is 2mb.
    Larger or multiple files can be sent directly to
    This form MUST still be completed, or the same details included in the email.
  • Maximum of 30 words.